“About the Blogger”

My name is Angel.

I live in the state of Delaware, I am twenty-three years old, and I love to write.  My love for writing bloomed from my constantly reading as a child and thinking, ‘One day, I want someone to read what I write.’  Aside from working on a book in my free time, I created this blog with the intention of my own catharsis; to put my opinions and views in writing, to relieve stress, and to (maybe) help some people along the way.  This blog initially started with a few brazen thoughts and posts about “being fat.” Over time, I’m leaning more towards other issues, and my own journeys with weight loss, love, being in my twenties, and wondering why I don’t “fit” with most of the people in my generation.  This is something I intend to be a long journey, and I’m excited for where it may take me.


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