Greetings Misfits!!

I have to apologize (profusely) for being M.I.A. recently.  I have been running around crazy!  There was a family emergency the week of Easter, the following week I started my new job, and this week I am finally getting used to this new schedule!

Anywho, I am going to start by, again, thanking everyone for reading what I have posted already, and supporting this movement.  I am so excited to be moving forward with this blog, and I cannot express my extreme gratitude enough!  I promise: I will try my hardest to be more active on this account so things can pick up speed.

Today, I want to address a very specific situation I have recently encountered.  I have been trying as hard as I can to figure out how to properly word this, and I think I have finally come to a decision.

In the past 5 years, my weight has drastically fluctuated in both directions.  I have gone from a thinner, more active build to a heavier, yet toned build.  After that, I changed a few things in my diet, walked EVERYWHERE (I was living in DC at the time), and I went down to a semi-dangerous BMI for my age and height.  I didn’t do it on purpose; I was just running rampant wherever I went.  When I moved to lower Maryland, I was walking less and got to a healthier place, then I moved back home a little over a year ago and have toggled between healthy and slightly obese.

Now, I am 21 years old and weigh nearly 300 pounds.  My weight is distributed equally throughout my body, so I am proportionate enough to appear “thick.”

I have said multiple times: I am fat.  I don’t try to sugarcoat my physique with the words “thick” or “curvy,” as I know and have accepted exactly where I am.  I have a natural hourglass figure, but that doesn’t make me “thick.”

With all of that said, I am fed up.  I see body shaming posts and memes on multiple social networks.  I hear songs diminishing the appeal of multiple body types, as rappers and singers place their infatuations and lusts on specific groups of women.  I have heard arguments from women of all sizes, stating they are “better” than those larger or smaller because of whatever insane and rude reasons imaginable.  I have spoken with classmates from high school, college, and miscellaneous acquaintances.  I have heard some of the worst assumptions, insults and stereotypes.

Here is why I am fed up:


I am not saying this to make a generalized statement that everyone should be attracted to everyone.  We all have different preferences, and find different things attractive.  However, whether you are naturally attracted to someone who is fat, thin, thick, curvy, a certain ethnicity, with certain features, or have no preference at all; none of us have any right to shame or put down anyone else.  No one is perfect and no one will ever please every person they meet in this life.

With all of that said, I truly hope and wish for a day when we are all genuinely kind to one another.  I hope to wake up one day without all of the riots, wars, anger, bullying and shaming.

I believe we, as a human species, need to unite in compassion, love, and acceptance.

Until then, we are all our own kind of wonderful.  I just hope you all realize that.  You are all your own version of amazing.

Love and Rockets,

Mama Misfit ♥


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